Carpet Cleaning in Amarillo, TX

Think about the carpets in your home. Whether your kids are playing with their toys in the family room or you are wiggling your toes on the bedroom carpet first thing in the morning, they get a lot of use and a lot of love. However, all this use and love comes with a lot of wear and tear.

Trust Amarillo Steamway to ensure that your carpets are clean and pristine for you and your family. Eddie Willis, the co-owner of our company, is a Master Textile Cleaner certified by the IICRC. This means he and our crew can safely and thoroughly clean virtually any kind of carpet. Your carpets will look, smell, and be as clean as you’ve ever seen in no time.
Carpet Cleaning Amarillo, TX
Area Rug Cleaning Amarillo, TX

Safe Carpet Cleaning for Families, Kids, & Pets

At Amarillo Steamway, safety is our top concern. So whether you have young children, pets, or any combination of the two, you have nothing to worry about. We use safe, environmentally-responsible cleaning products so you can get clean carpets with no worries.

Let us show you why so many Amarillo area families trust Amarillo Steamway for all of their carpet cleaning needs. Call us today to schedule your next carpet cleaning.
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